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                  We provide with peace and energy to people through a cup of delicious coffee.

                  More than 500,000 people visit Doutor Coffee Shop every day.
                  That's because our people know that our coffee is high quality,
                  delicious and reasonably priced.

                  HOW TO ORDER

                  Please order and pay first at the cashier. Bring your orders to your seat, after you receive it.

                  FIND A STORE

                  We have been growing our coffee shop and how the number of our outlet is more than 1,100 in Japan.

                  ABOUT US


                  WHO WE ARE

                  Coffee shop that continues to be popular in Japan.

                  HOW WE ROAST

                  HOW WE ROAST

                  Roasted coffee beans selected from around the world in Japan.

                  OUR STORY

                  OUR STORY

                  Doutor Coffee Shop is the first European style standing coffee shop that opened on 18th April 1980.